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Kyanite excellent healing crystal


Kyanite is a mineral found mainly in metamorphic rocks. It most often forms from the high pressure alteration of clay minerals during the metamorphism of sedimentary rocks. It is found in the schists and gneisses of regionally metamorphosed areas and less often in quartzite or eclogite.

Kyanite's typical habit is a bladed crystal although it sometimes occurs as radiating masses of crystals. Kyanite is often associated with other metamorphic minerals such as garnet, staurolite and corundum.

Kyanite's Unusual Hardness

Kyanite specimens have a variable hardness. The long crystals have a Mohs hardness of about 4.5 to 5 if tested parallel to the length of a crystal and a hardness of 6.5 to 7 if tested across the short dimension of a crystal. The mineral was once commonly called "disthene" which means "two strengths".

Mystical Properties and Healing Properties:

The blue colored stone is the most common of the Kyanite colors. It has a potent ability to transfer and amplify high frequency energy. It is known as one of the stones that will aid in the development of both intuition and psychic abilities overall.
Kyanite is a gemstone that does not accumulate negative energies, and it therefore never need to be cleansed or cleared. As the energy of kyanite is all but unlimited, it is said to be one of the best gemstones for use as an attunement stone.

Its energy is gentle and it takes you easily to the higher spiritual realms. In meditation it has the potential to open the third eye... which will promote telepathy, developing intuition, clairvoyance and other psychic powers. The Kyanite healing properties are quite powerful... as this stone starts the healing process of any chakra by its use.

This is a most powerful stone for healing you if you have had accidents or surgery on any part of the body, as this may have resulted in energy gaps, which blue Kyanite will bridge. It is also helpful if you are low in energy as it will assist trauma and replenish your energy.
Kyanite is known to induce tranquility and calm, as well as enhancing communication and psychic awareness, as well it eases, enhances and supports mediation efforts.

It is an ideal stone for wearing around the neck , as it has beneficial effects on the throat. It will promote the ability to speak more easily and express oneself more clearly, and will even
assist in learning a new language. Anyone who is in a position where they are required to speak at great lengths would benefit from having kyanite around their neck.
It will provide a safe haven for those who are carrying out healing. It will take you to the higher spiritual planes and stimulate the higher mind.
This stone is used to treat hearing disorders, eye ailments as well as issues with the sense of smell.

Kyanite is also used as a tool for mediation and relaxation. It is useful in opening the third eye chakra, and to enhance creativity, broaden perception and enhancing the reach to better understand others.

Kyanite is said to foster tranquilly, having a positive effect on ones dreams, visualization and foresightedness.
Placed on the 5th, or Throat Chakra, kyanite will lighten the soul and combat feelings of lack.

Kyanite has known several uses for chakra balancing. It is told that dark blue kyanite will align all chakras automatically and immediately, without even conscious direction; which will in turn activate the Kundalini energy.

It may also be used to alight the layers of the aura, specifically the astral, ethereal, emotional, intellectual and spiritual layers, although this may take some conscious direction.
The longer you keep the stone within your aura the better, as it elevates the level of good vibrations within your energy field. It is useful to wear natural crystals as jewelry as it is an easy way to keep the stones that you are using within your aura.

Orange Kyanite: works with the sacral chakra... and is a powerful tool for clearing dysfunctional energies within the sexual organs. It is a stone that has the potential to
intensify and enhance creativity... as the navel chakra is the area where creativity is based.
Using this powerful orange stone within this area has a strong ability to help to bring through new talents and abilities... and may stimulate artistic and creative writing skills. Using Orange Kyanite with Blue Kyanite, will link the heart chakra and the sacral chakra clearing the energy throughout both areas.

Indigo Kyanite emanates energies that stimulate the pineal gland... within the third eye
chakra. This may activate dormant psychic abilities... and stimulate lucid dreams.... and even astral travel. It may inspire loyalty and fair treatment of other people.

Green Kyanite: is a lovely heart chakra stone that will bring you into harmony with nature and the world in which you live. It brings balance and stability to your life. It works well in
combination with Blue Kyanite.

Used together it will aid you to be more stable when you begin to assimilate any psychic abilities opened by the blue Kyanite.

It allows you to flow with the forces of life as you are doing spiritual work that may be impacting you strongly.

Green Kyanite has the ability to aid you in making contact with the elemental beings who live close to your home, and to remain stable within the hearts energy.

Black Kyanite : is a grounding stone and has a strong base chakra and earth chakra

It will clear negative energy within this chakra as well as stimulating the ongoing flow of energy throughout the entire chakra system.

It will harmonize well with blue Kyanite as all colored varieties will harmonize well with each other. They all have the power to magnify each other’s energy.


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  3. The first time I held black kyanite in my hand, it began as a warm feeling and then it felt so hot, that it felt like I burned my hand. The feeling was uncomfortable and lasted for several minutes afterwards. Someone gave me selenite to help reduce the heat feeling in my hand. I am trying to understand what happened when it got really hot in my hand, what benefits occurred, or what was kyanite doing to my energy in my body. I cannot find this information anywhere. Do you know why I reacted to kyanite like this, where it was so hot if felt like I burned my hand?

  4. What are the effects if u have all the different types of kyanite?

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